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🏆12 weeks are only the beginning of the journey towards a healthier life.

Rita has something special.  She is kind, but firm, supportive, but accepts no excuses.

🔋Under eating is just as destructive as binge eating. Fuel your body with respect!

🏆Many newbies have loved and received amazing results from this program!

My 12 Week Program is designed for those who are self-motivated, but are lost in the gym and in the kitchen.  It is also great for those who have been doing the same thing over and over with little to no results. Many newbies who are intimidated in the gym have also followed, loved and received amazing results from this program! Read More…

  • 👤

    It is personal

    There is a detailed questionnaire to be filled out before you begin, in order for me to set out a detailed plan.

  • 📅

    The program consists of 3-6 workouts

    depending on your goal, fitness level, time commitment etc.

  • Meal plans

    The meal plans coincide with each training day

  • Weekly Check

    Every week, there is a detailed questionnaire on your well being and compliance with the plan.


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